Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cricketing High

Is India on a cricketing high? Has our team finally found the right combination for the next world cup? Have we ever had a better wicket-keeper batsmen than Dhoni? Has Yuvaraj ever looked better?
We lost the Test series against Pakistan 0-1. But that was not too pathetic. The last match was a little too much for us. Besides our bowlers were not very penetrative after the first hour or so. But in the one-dayers there is no doubt that we are looking the better team. Even as we stand 2-1 and series is yet not over, I can clearly say that India is the better one-day player if they are playing like this in Pakistan.
There was a slight worry that the tour might be discontinued after yesterday's rioting in Pak, but the tour is still on. And I say bring it on Pak, we are ready.

Post script: India won the One-Day series 4-1 but lost the Test series 0-1.