Sunday, March 12, 2006


Ahead of the Tamil Nadu polls to be held on May 8, actor Vijayakanth, who launched the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhakam (DMDK), is releasing two movies on the unsuspecting Tamil audience. Swadeshi is the first of them.
The actor's party - roughly translates to National Progressive Dravida Party - is largely an unknown in this election. If Vijayakanth does get some kind of role to play in this election, it would be great boost to his political career. The prospects, while unlikely, are not altogether improbable. Vijayakanth might just get to a Paswan.
Swadeshi is a pathetic movie. It's so bad that it's good. Watching it with a first week crowd can be an enlightening, funny and rewarding experience. Vijayakanth, not a great actor at anytime, no longer has any clue of the quality of the movie he is doing. He mouthes the usual, lengthy monologues, including the unintended funny one in a court, with much earnestness and sincerity. It's clear from the movie that he wants to be a kingmaker, realising that he is unlikely to be king.
The crowds that gathered at Vijayakanth's party launch was by all estimates huge. But these won't translate into votes. The actor is aware of this. He must also be aware that movies like Swadeshi can hardly improve his electoral chances. I really can't understand why he wastes this much time and money on a project that is bound to be a flop.