Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dumbing down

I was watching IBN yesterday afternoon. I must have watched for at least two hours, and three fourths of that was movie and entertainment related news. Why is such stuff forced down our throats, while all that we ask is that the channels, into which hundreds of crores are being pumped into, report the day's news. Honestly, with credibility and without missing any of the major events. The geninue investigative report or the occassional sting operation is quite welcome. But mostly we tune in just to get the day's news. But all we get is bullshit.
Admittedly, IBN does cover hard news in a slightly hysterical fashion in the evening. But through the day, the channel doesnt even do news.
Why can't news channels leave entertainment to the movie channels? Are advertisers dictating this? Or are the viewers not interested in news anymore? Or is it self-imposed by the channel itself?
I think whatever compulsions IBN is facing, it must stop flooding the channel with irrelevant programming and cover the news. People do like to know what is going around them. Mallika Sherawat's curves - well, ya, we are interested in that, but such trivia should not push out the geninue news content.
Even when a major story breaks like Sonia's resignation as MP, the channels just flood viewers with that one news. There is no attempt to recap the day's events quickly and cover the breaking story more aggressively. Which is what they should be doing, dont you think?
When Prannoy Roy began showing World This Week on DD or then tied up with Star, there used to be news on NDTV. But I believe NDTV has also rotted. Thankfully, in CASed Chennai, I am not getting NDTV at home.
I really hope both channels are making a lot of money, because if they aren't there is no point in indulging in this nonsense.
If this isn't dumping down, I don't know what is. I am disgusted, needless to say.