Thursday, August 10, 2006

BlogCamp - curtain raiser

It is ironical that a reason I am unable to blog as much as I would like to is because I am actually an organiser for BlogCamp. It will be held in Chennai on September 9 and 10. We are a bunch of amazingly enthusiastic guys – most of them are geeks – trying to see if we can pull this off.
Details are here on Do visit us. You can even pitch in and help us organise the event as this is, unlike most meetings, an unconference. An unconference is this trendy way of holding conferences, where everybody is an active participant and no one is a passive spectator. There are more rules, some have a profound meaning and some are just whacko. The website does describe what an unconference is in detail. I will be posting more details about BlogCamp in the coming days.
If you need further help in getting details, you sure can mail me at