Tuesday, September 12, 2006

7/G Rainbow Colony

Selvaraghan is one of the hottest directors in Tamil cinema today. It's hard to say how good he is when compared to the all-time greats. I prefer to wait and watch for now.
He has made three movies: Kadhal Kondain, 7/G, Rainbow Colony, and Pudhupettai.
I first saw KK on Sun TV. I saw it in bits and parts and liked it. The character Dhanush played lacks values, and repeatedly murders to get the girl he wants. I was impressed.
7/G had fantastic music and a super theme song. I saw the movie a few weeks after its release. I have since come to realise that it wasn't a great movie, but back then I was really bowled over. Story: Boy meets girl (Sonia Agarwal). She is middle class and good looking. He is a dirty rotten scoundrel. She learns to tolerate him and strikes a deal with him: He has to reform, and his life changes. But ultimately, her life changes too. She finds that he has the most unexpected impact on her even after her death.
I value the feeling that I get when I walk out of a cinema hall a lot. When I walked out of 7/G, I was euphoric. Haven't the faintest clue why.