Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What do the statistics tell me?

I keep asking myself - Why do I religiously and meticulously look at sitemeter? Why am I so damn interested in who is hitting my site and what search terms they use? Is it just out of curiosity, like you would anyway look at a new visitor to your house?
On the other hand, I realise that I don't even care about the reader. I say I write about films but only one if every five or so posts on my blog are about movies. So if I don't care about the reader, why look at the stats?
Do I or don't I want readers?
I want readers but on my terms, not on theirs.
Well, is my content that good? That the reader would come and read on my terms, whatever I write? Not always. But sometimes or once in a while, yes.
Indeed, I have surprised myself with some good writing. Yes I have. Explore the archives, which are damn hard to reach, btw. Or just keep visiting. That great blog is always round-the-corner.

UPDATE: The sitemeter is out now. One pain less, I say.