Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Movie review - My say

William K. Zinsser is the author of this wonderful book called On Writing Well. It's a practical guide to writers - of all sorts, not just the journalists. The book was recommended to me by the former dean of the Asian College of Journalism.
I found the book useful in that it gave me some good advice on how to write well.
In the arts section of the book, Mr Zinsser makes the point that movie reviewers should reflect in their writing what audiences can expect from a movie. Film critics are the audiences' representative, he says.
Though I agree and have enthusiastically implemented many tips from Mr Zinsser, I beg to differ with him over this.
Here is what I think: I have no clue what audiences are likely to feel while watching a movie or after it. I only know what I liked and disliked and why. If I say that in clear English then I feel I have done my job. I never bring the audience into the equation. In fact, I don't even care much about them.