Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How I used to write

(Post from a few months ago. Never made public for long. Now will stay here forever)

We came into this world with a mission. Mission to change good things and destroy bad things. Armed with pens and omnipotent power, we write about all things important, newsy or just trivial. Mostly trivial. We make out that we know more than you do. Our word has the power of the print or the electronic waves behind it. It's the gospel truth. We are journalists, seekers of change and courters of controversy.

Not one of us ever doubts his skill, talent or the lack of it. Insecurity is not a feeling that we easily succumb to except when attacked by our own breed. Then we take cover or spew fire.

We are everywhere. At the Tea shop smoking, around the corner from your house, at a crime scene, at speeches, at malls, at events, everywhere. We record everything. Not much escapes us unless delibrately.

We are in the business of deception. Deceiving you into thinking what you read or hear from us is important. Into thinking that you ought not live without us. That you may not crap without a newspaper. But we also make money, at least we ensure that our bosses do. But the deception has to be maintained, of a watchdog, a public servant, of someone whom u can rely on to tell the truth. We speak of ethics while getting drunk in bars. Of patience while chopping off words impatiently. Of clearheadness while writing garbage, day in day out like some stupid cranky machine.

We print and broadcast news, but rarely anything is new. You have already seen and heard it before.

Oh, Why do u need us so? Is it because we tell you that you need us. Is it because we make the dough on how convincing we sound telling you that?

Stop the newspaper. Block the news channels. Dont worry if Atal gets replaced by Manmohan. The rice at the corner shop is Rs 14. You dont need us to tell u that.