Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend with Bourne

One night many years ago, after being criticised for telling lame bedtime stories, my dad told me a modified version of Perfume, a novel by Patrick Suskind, which is now a movie. This murderous tale wasn't really recommended storytelling for children, but it definitely was among the best stories I have heard. Years later, I also read the novel. You may be sure I will watch this movie at the soonest opportunity.

I watched the Bourne movies back to back this weekend. Bourne Identity was a book I read when I was may be 11, hardly understanding what was going on, and keeping up only because my cousin, a great Ludlum fan, egged me on. I read that book again and again, fascinated by a killer trained by the CIA to expose and catch the terrorist known as Carlos. When I watched the movie, I was hugely disappointed that there was no Carlos in it. The end of the Cold War had made that plot angle less attractive to the filmmakers. But when I see the series for a second time, I am really impressed how well they adapted the books. Supremacy has perhaps the best car chase among recent movies. Can't wait for Ultimatum now.