Sunday, December 31, 2006


I always smell Nagercoil before I see it. During this trip home, when the train chugged into my town, I smelled that distinct smell. It was barely dawn and I hardly could see 10 feet from the train. And yet, the feeling was indescribably good. As Woody Allen would say, wunnnderful!

I keep asking myself what is it about us that we yearn for things from the past. In a single word, the answer is nostalgia. There is not another feeling that makes us feel so good.

I am in Nagercoil for the next week. My plans after that are very tentative. I beg readers of this blog to be patient with my erratic posting. And Happy New Year to you guys. I am sure many of you are planning a blast. If not go ahead and have one. Don’t wave at these moments as they pass by.