Thursday, December 21, 2006

Randoming again

Another blog about nothing much at all, except my thoughts, which opposite to everything I have learnt in Journalism School, are horizontal rather than vertical - inverted pyramid. This blog, never made public before, is from around the time G.K.Vasan quit as Cong Chief.

Have you ever felt the need to write? Like this bubbling, overflowing feeling that you have to spill your thoughts on paper or in this case onto a blog? What do you do then? Well I, for one, am gonna sit on it. Have a cup of tea, smoke a while. Sleep might come, after all.
What was the lead in the paper last night? EC is trying to get political parties to agree to something very simple: Spent only Rs 25 lakh on a Lok Sabha seat and Rs 10 lakh on a Assembly seat. But parties won't agree. The debate is between whether a cap can be put on how much the candidate spends in addition to what the party spends or just one these. Bigger parties don't want cap on candidate expenditure. The Left, as usual can't agree on what it wants. Nitopal Basu wants a cap and CPI's D. Raja doesn't.
The other major story is that G.K. Vasan is being eased out of the top post in the TN Congress Committee. He is put in charge of the election panel, but an unknown, Krishnaswamy, will head the party in the state. It's tough job, mine, to edit these stories. Because on the above stories, reporters write about 700 words each. Who will read this crap I don't know. For me the story of the day was, a robot named after Philip K Dick, the short story writer, going missing. Now that I will read 200 words on that! On the EC story give me three paras. On G.K.Vasan give me one. I think papers should publish just two pages of news with no pictures. May be a graphic once in a while. Who approves?

I kinda burned out. Will be back. see you after Christmas. BTW, I don't believe in Christianity, but I like Christ. He was a good man. Have you read The Idiot?