Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Original sin

What revolting trash does Hindi cinema throw up your way these days? Dhoom 2 must be the worst movie made last year, and the one before that. If movies were until now organic, this one is plastic and looks as if shot on plastic. Look at Aishwarya's body for example. It isn't so hard to notice her. She struts abouts in barely enough clothes. Has anything except Barbie ever looked so plastic? And to think that this trash ran at Satyam for over a week. Ponder on the miniscule intellectual powers of the morons who enjoyed this movie. Who do people love movies which are logically impossible. Watching it was an exercise in self-degradation for me.

The Saint is an old favourite. It can be adolescent fun, especially when Elizabeth Shue takes out the papers in which she has written the top secret notes for nuclear fission from her bra. Val Kilmer, in his hey days in this 1997 film, cakewalks through a role oozing of charm. The movie is so named because Kilmer assumes identities of saints as he travels around the world stealing expensive stuff. Why couldn't the makers of Dhoom 2 learn from the makers of The Saint? Did they even watch The Saint? I doubt it. Footnote: The Saint in itself isn't so great.