Sunday, February 18, 2007

Over the weekend

Open Water is an excellent example of an independently made film. A couple took time off during weekends for over a year to shoot the film featuring only two major actors. The story is of a couple that is left stranded in the sea during a deep-sea diving trip. The boat that carries them accidentally leaves them behind. After about 20 minutes into the movie, we find ourselves alone with the duo in mid-sea. It's an amazing little movie that puts movies like Jaws to shame. The terror is real and gripping unlike in the Spielberg classic where terror has Hollywood written all over it. A scene in which the shark attacks the couple is a highlight of the movie. Watch it if you do get a DVD.

All The King's Men
features Sean Penn as the King. He plays a real life Governor of Louisiana, who after siding with the poor dangerously tests the power of the oil and power companies in the region. Jude Law plays a journalist-narrator who plays the dirty man of the governor. The movie to its credit never reveals if Governor Willie Stark is a good or bad person. Not bluntly at least. Penn plays him like a bull-headed, godly character that Stark probably was. Sample this quote from the Governor's campaign speech:

"Listen to me, you hicks! Lift up your eyes and look at God's blessed and unfly-blown truth. This is the truth! You're a hick. Nobody ever helped a hick but a hick hisself. Listen to me, listen to me...Here it is, you hicks! Nail up anybody who stands in your way... Give me the hammer and I'll do it."

The movie was first made in 1949 and became a classic. I usually don't review movies not released in India. But after my yoga camp, I am out of sort with the release schedule. If you wait, you can probably catch this one in the theatres.