Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first lecture on film criticism

I recently had the opportunity to give a lecture on film criticism to students of visual communication at the Women’s Christian College in Nungambakkam in Chennai. A teacher at the L.V. Prasad Film & TV Academy recommended my name and I landed up at the college solely on the virtue of that.

As I had little time to prepare, I talked without the aid of any notes. I found this was a very bad way to lecture. Next time, I must remember to make some notes. This is because after the first 20 minutes, I found myself struggling.

But the really interesting part of the lecture was the interactive session that followed my lecture. Many of the students at WCC seem to come from ordinary middle class backgrounds and aren’t exactly geniuses. But they were enthusiastic and asked practical questions.

Film is something I am very passionate about and soon I discovered that I could really talk to the students. They warmed up to me and soon the atmosphere turned into one of joined learning. I discovered that with a little effort I can teach really well and loved the feeling. I am sure at some of the students took home something from my talk to them.

Next time I will write a speech out and post in on the blog.