Friday, March 31, 2006

Cricket scribble

What happened to Indian batting? Admittedly Sehwag, is in "bad form", but what happened to the rest of the famed line up - Dravid, Yuvraj, Kaif?
Gambhir has in the last two matches got out playing horrendous shots. Today, in the second one-day against England, he played a cross batted shot, which he was in no position to play and scooped the ball back to the bowler. Why is he still on the team? And Dravid, what the hell were you doing out there today? After 23 balls in which he scored five silly runs, Dravid kept jumping out of the crease getting impatient when he should have just outplayed the powerplay2 overs and started scoring singles and twos. It was dumb.
We are lucky we won, thanks to what cricinfo called a nerveless display from Raina.

A friend recently called up to say that my blog is full of utter nonsense in bad English. Anybody agrees? Are these blogs so full of spelling and grammatical errors?
Another friend wrote in asking for visual relief. Any idea what I can do? I dont want to take a cricket pic with this blog because you are gonna see that in the paper tomorrow. I just don't want meaningless visual relief. Pls suggest something with a functional purpose and how I go about doing it. Thanks guys. and keep ur comments coming.