Sunday, April 02, 2006


Dark clouds hung over the school building. The classroom was quieter than usual, typical of the more humid days at KPS Annexe. I was in fourth class, the room right behind the headmistress's office. It was the second best classroom in school. The first standard students had the best one, with a fan and all.
Three periods were over when I opened Eldon's geometry box. At the last minute, he made a motion to stop me, but the box was already in my hands. Inside were eight cigarattes, but I didn't have a chance to count them then. Eldon snatched it from my hands and snapped the box shut. Jerry stared at me for a moment.
I nudged Bhagat, "What's up? What's inside?" I knew perfectly well what was inside. He knew I knew, but wouldn't say a word. Jerry pulled me out of the classroom.
"Do you want to come with us?"
"Yes", I said, truthfully.
The others gathered around us. There were four in all. Khader was their leader and now mine too.
Khader was the best looking boy in class, if you ask me. If you ask Rosalin madam she would say it was me. But Khader was dark and I was fair. He had the brighter eyes, the cuter smile. It is a pity he was never able to floor a girl with that. Ok, except may be Anita.
Anita was the most fair girl in class and if we had not been too young to fall in love, we would have all been in love with her. Khader and Anita lived on the same street, practically neighbours.
Bhagat was my best buddy. I could not believe he had gotten into this without me. I glared at him and he cowed a bit.
It was actually Jerry's idea, for all us to smoke after the evening's usual cricket match. Khader had just appropriated it and taken charge of the whole affair, just like he did with everything else. I knew why they had left me out. I was a real danger, something of a pet to the teachers. Though they knew that I would never tell on them, they weren't gonna take any chances. Besides, I was of no use to them in this little escapade. Jerry had bought the cigarettes, Eldon had hid them and Bhagat was there.... well, it beats me why the hell he was there when I wasn't. I glared it him even more now.
Nothing very bad happened in school without Khader having a role in it. Nothing very good happened without me in it. Just last week, Khader had been caught stealing a brand new cricket ball from the headmistress's room. I don't know why he stole it, though. We never played cricket with cricket balls.

Here is a short story, my first. Will be written in parts, to keep u on tenter hooks and to increase hits. My great idea. As they say, to be continued.