Saturday, April 08, 2006


Over this weekend, 50 technology enthusiasts from across the country met at a WiFi hotspot inside Anna University in Chennai to “smash their brains together” on ideas surrounding Web 2.0 and the Next Generation Internet. BarCampChennai is inspired by a similar event in Silicon Valley, California, which rocked the world of emerging technology. The founders of that conference, frustrated with the stuffy atmosphere of most such gatherings, came up with a new idea that they called an unconference. An unconference is where all attendees are participants instead of mere spectators. Each one arriving at BarCampChennai presents a paper, organises the event or blogs or podcasts it. The discussions are loosely structured and informally set up, with BarCampers slotting the time of their presentations and practically organising the event themselves.Chennai, one of the leading technology hubs in the India, became a natural choice, as there is a strong community of IT enthusiasts here. This is only the second such event in Asia after BarCampDelhi, which was held was held on March 4.
Kiruba and Amit Ranjan have been blogging on the issue. Go to their blogs to read more. The official website of BarCampChennai is here.