Thursday, July 13, 2006


This post has two reasons. One, self-indulgence. Two, Making the best of me accessible to all at one place.
This is the best of what I have written in the last six months. My first post on the hype preceding the Oscars in Hollywood appeared in The New Sunday Express. I posted it here on Jan 20. It was also the first time I wrote about films after years of wanting and waiting. Notice the stupid repetition of the word season in the lead.
A couple of weeks later I wrote the review for Chinatown. A classic movie. I wrote this in half an hour, never bothering about who would read it.
I wrote this as a tribute to my Grandpa. The best of me I thought, till I got rapped for being self-indulgent and writing about me instead.
My first book review. I discovered I wasn't pathetic, but not quite there yet.
My first "work" in Tamil. Needless to say, it occupies a special place in my heart.
One morning I woke up and found that the hits on my blog had tripled overnight. The reason was that I was featured on a paper called DNA. Boy, was I flattered. They had featured a blog called A suitable ally?
The first time I put on paper something personal was when I wrote about this affair. Liked it better than the political story.
After landing the metblogs job(?), I wrote two stories about Chennai to keep them happy. First
was about my first few years in the city, and then about smoking up.
Simply the best review I ever wrote, was for Pudhupettai. I was really inspired.