Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My two pence

Preparations are on at a feverish pace for India's biggest blog unconference, BlogCamp, to be held in the city in September. Prominent bloggers from across the country and a few from abroad are expected to attend.
An unconference is free of spectators where everyone is a participant, who either presents a paper or helps organise the event.
Among the top notch bloggers expected at the event is Mr Robert Scoble, who writes arguably the most famous technical blog in the world. Invitations have also been sent to Sunil Gavasker who podcasts with Yahoo and Harsha Bhogle. Mr Rajesh Setty, a tech entrepreneur and author, who has effectively used his blog ( to help write his books, is also expected at the event.
The event has been tentatively scheduled for September 9 and 10 and the organisers are looking at various WiFi-enabled venues to hold the event.
Mr S. Ganesh, a city-based blogger and one of the organisers of BlogCamp, said the event would help participants know about the various technologies associated with blogging such as podcasting and videoblogging. "Take, for example, mobile blogging, which Nokia's N-series is pushing for in a big way. Someone can talk about the technology that has made this possible at the BlogCamp," he said. Ganesh and his wife N. Lalithaa jointly run, tagged as India's first blog on the stock market.
"The myth of the technological barrier associated with blogging will be broken," said Mr Kiruba Shankar, another brain behind the event. "The event hopes to increase the influence that blogging already has as a medium," he said.
The organisers are now designing a website and would soon begin pitching the event to potential sponsors. "Lots will happen on the sidelines of the camp. Business proposals, job offers, or just plain socialising among people who tend to be with themselves," Mr Kiruba added.

Published in Deccan Chronicle on July 12,2006.