Sunday, January 07, 2007

Arrived at Prasanthi Kutteram

The one-month-long yoga foundation course will begin on January 12, Vivekananda Jayanthi. I took the night bus yesterday from Nagercoil at around 6 pm. I watched Madrasi and the first half of Giri on the bus. Both are worthless movies. Had the feeling that Vadivelu may do good in Giri, but could not watch the entire movie.
I reached Bangalore this morning at around 8 am. Had a breakfast of Palak Puri, Vadai and some really strong coffee. I caught a call taxi to Prasanthi Kutteram, where the yoga camp is happening. It is about 32 km from Bangalore city. It is almost a village by itself, with a sparsely stocked store. Hot water is made through a solar power system. I have paid the required amount of Rs 5,000 for the course, which would include accommodation and food. I may have to spend a little more for the extra week I am staying here.
My mobile is no longer working as I have run out of validity period. I am trying to get a local prepaid number.
The Internet connection is really slow here. I don't have a camera to shoot the scenic location. So I will try and get in a few words everyday when I have time to spare. The routine here, which begins at 5 am and ends at 9.30 pm, is gruelling. So please bear with me if I am, indeed, unable to post.